American Folk Blues Festival : 18 0ctober - Hamburg

Concert poster by GUNTHER KIESER :


The LP :

Photos from the LP :
T-Bone Walker on stage in Hamburg, before the recording of the LP.
And the 4 others pictures below are from the recording of the LP


John Lee Hooker during the recording of the LP
( From the AFBF 1968 Tour Program )


The Time : October 18th, 1962.
The Place : Hamburg University's ultra modern Auditorium Maximum.
The Occasion : the performance of the American Folk Blues Festival.

On the previous evening the ensemble had to played in Bremen and filled the audience with wild enthusiasm, and now the same thing was happening in Hamburg. But what was that being breathlessly whispered during the intermission ?

" Afterwards they are all going to Deutsche Grammophon's studio in Rahlstedt to cut an LP. That is, all except Helen Humes, she is under exclusive contract somewhere or other."

That was no rumour. It was "nothing but the truth", as lawyers in precise legal language always say; and the session lasted until five the next morning. Nobody was the least bit tired, although there was no strong coffee to drink. On the contrary, everyone became more wide awake. And who was "everybody" ? Well, there was the complete Folk Blues Festival ensemble ( with the exception of Helen Hume, as already mentioned ) with some of their girl friends; a number of fans whose sixth sense had told them that something like his might take place and had already arranged to take the Friday off from work; several newspaper reporters; and people from the various record companies situated in Hamburg. They all sat they together, united through the feeling for the blues.

01 - We're Gonna Rock
02 - I wanna see my Baby
03 - I'm in love
04 - Need your love so bad ( only on Excello press and Cd )
05 - Stewball
06 - Let's make it baby
07 - Shake it baby
08 - The right time
09 - Hey baby
10 - Love my baby
11 - Crying at the station
12 - I'm crazy 'bout you baby
13 - Bye bye baby

14- Nervous ( only on Ep "Shake it baby" )


LP signed by Memphis Slim : 

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  1. Je suis allé les voir au théâtre des champs Élysées il me reste un souvenir inoubliable ce fut une soirée de fou toute la salle scandait et était debout un vrai délire ou sont ils donc ces vieux amis.....